Sustainability is about stabilizing the currently disruptive relationship between earth’s two most complex systems—human culture and the living world.

Balance Through Sustainability

We support cultural sustainability by promoting pursuits in various forms of media production, art, music, film, theater and podcasting.

Physical sustainability is taught through martial arts, nutrition, and exercise science. Mental and emotional sustainability is reached by providing support to those who are worn, stressed and under served. Part of our aim is to encourage the unheard voices of our communities to positively express themselves.
It is our belief that all people should be afforded the basic right of balance.

  • Philosophy in Motion

    Martial Arts is for everyone, regardless of mindset. You bring the mindset of wanting to get in better shape, or the desire to defend yourself, or maybe the drive to compete on a mat or in a cage or even just the need for self awareness.

  • Self Expression

    Most do not feel that their voice has any value nor have a positive means to broadcast it. We all might not be artists but we all have a need to express ourselves. That is why we foster art and music, theater and film, pod-casting, as avenues for expression.

  • Self Education

    We also foster and encourage our students to continue their education and career training. Our hope is that our students have JAMA as a resource for finding and achieving balance.